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  • Sharapova Escapes 2nd Round and

    Heat In a match where the temperature climbed to 111 degrees, it took Sharapova 3 hours 28 minutes to beat Karin. Australian Open 2014 Live Stream:

    When and Where to Watch \\(Live Tennis)// Australian Open 2014 Live Stream: When and Where to Watch \\(Live Tennis)// In the middle of this January sensational tennis

    match and snack & burger & Australian Open live 2014 live stream. You think what a party you feel. In
    the obsessive, superstitious, fine-tuned realm of tennis equipment, the
    best players hope to fiddle least with two main pieces: their shoes and
    their rackets.

    Match Details

    Australian Open 2014

    Where : Melbourne, Australia

    Date:Jan 13 – Jan 26

Australian Open live

rackets are not dissimilar from their significant others. They are
constant companions, life partners, an extension of the players
themselves. There are periods of bliss and uncertainty and strife. They
are nicknamed and cared for and, on occasion, cursed.


Thus Roger Federer’s
decision to switch not only coaches but also rackets this season
reverberated throughout the professional tennis world, for it was
radical and rare and seemed to indicate that even the great Federer had
acknowledged he needed to change in order to survive.

long dominated tennis with a racket that had a surface area of 90
square inches. It served as his magic wand until one year when it did

That year was 2013, the first

year since 2002 that Federer did not advance to a Grand Slam final.


elite male players use rackets with a surface area between 98 and 100
square inches, and Federer decided he would join them in order to beat
them once again. The process of switching lasted roughly a year. It
involved prototypes and test tournaments and a team of racket
technicians who met with Federer in Switzerland.

No less than the remainder of Federer’s career hinged on the outcome of their collective effort.

are the most important thing for a tennis player,” said Darren Cahill,
who played and coached and now works as an ESPN analyst. “Understanding
it. Knowing it. Trusting it. It’s part of your family. Those stories of
people putting their rackets on their bed and sleeping with them, it’s
what we live with. We see more of our rackets than we do of anybody else
in our lives.”

is something of a racketologist. He collected rackets when he played,
old rackets and wooden rackets, small rackets and oversize rackets, at
least a “couple hundred” total. They ended up in storage when he moved
from Australia to Las Vegas, but every once in a while, he liked to pull
them out and hit and marvel at how the game had changed.

a coach, Cahill worked with Andre Agassi, who took the unusual step of
buying rackets used by other top players and practicing with them.

did this not because he wanted to switch sticks but because he wanted
to see how certain rackets worked and ascertain which shots his best
opponents could hit easily and which shots they could not. He could
essentially scout Federer by using Federer’s racket in practice.

that that would have helped much against Federer once Federer began his
historic roll. Since playing his first professional tournament in 1998,
Federer has secured a record 17 Grand Slam singles championships and
has held the No. 1 ranking longer than any other male player.

has won the Australian Open singles title four times, the last in 2010,
and he looked in those years the way he did Thursday against Blaz
Kavcic. With new racket in hand, Federer battered Kavcic, 6-2, 6-1, 7-6
(4), in 1 hour 47 minutes.

around the grounds, players deployed rackets roughly the size of the
one that Federer had only recently switched to. Justin Gimelstob, a
Tennis Channel analyst, said he witnessed the shift to larger rackets
over the course of his career, which ran from the mid-1990s to 2007.

Roddick was really the first one where people saw the effect of the big
racket and the power,” Gimelstob said. “It was pretty drastic. If you
watched Roddick play someone like Sampras, it looked like someone using
an electric guitar against an acoustic one.”

mostly played with a 95-square-inch racket head. Later in his career,
he noticed that most players rarely changed their frame size. There were
two main reasons: Most of the players on the ATP World Tour began to
use the same size of racket, and their off-season was too limited to
make drastic changes, as athletes do in other sports.


held out. He reminded Cahill of elite golfers who struck the ball in
the sweet spot almost every time they swung. There was artistry
involved, something poetic about a shot struck cleanly, but that
artistry left little room for error.

asked Wilson more than a year ago to start on a larger prototype that
suited his needs more, Tony Godsick, Federer’s agent, said. A team of
technicians flew to Zurich. Federer would hit in the morning and offer
feedback. The technicians would tinker with the rackets back at their
hotel rooms and return, and he would hit again in the afternoon. That
was the first stage.

tried the larger racket over the summer, but it did not feel perfect,
which meant it did not feel right. He went back to the smaller frame for
the United States Open and fell in the fourth round.

technicians continued to make changes. They ended up with two
prototypes. Federer practiced with both last month and picked one to
start this season.

Godsick said, made 12 of that model to start with. Six ended up at his
house near Cleveland, and he transported them here via Los Angeles and
Sydney. He showed a picture Thursday of the rackets at baggage claim,
his precious carry-on luggage, which he stored mostly in nearby empty

“Look, it’s a big step,”

Godsick said of the change. “But it’s good because it shows he’s going to stick around a while longer.”

change also highlighted Federer’s nature, his willingness to evolve. He
considered using a larger racket for years but clung to a smaller one
like Pete Sampras, who stuck with an 85-square-inch model but later said
he regretted not having tried something bigger.

the other top men’s players, Andy Murray is said to use a
98-square-inch racket head, and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are said
to prefer the 100-square-inch version. The argument for the larger
rackets largely comes down to a simple calculation: bigger sweet spot,
bigger margin for error.

of course, is an older player. He will lose some speed and some
movement and, with that, some precision. The theory is the larger racket
will help him compensate.

don’t view it as a sign of weakness,” Gimelstob said. “I view at as
part necessity, part reality. It’s Darwinism. Adapt or fall behind. And
Roger is definitely the most rational, conscious, flexible champion
we’ve ever had.”

all went right Thursday as Federer conquered the heat wave and slid
into the third round, where he will face Teymuraz Gabashvili. Again,
Federer nodded to Teddy Roosevelt and carried a big (or bigger) stick.
Again, it worked, even as Federer acknowledged the adjustment was

Whether Federer

stays with the new racket will be, in part, psychological.

said the key would be not what shots Federer hit well but whether he
understood what happened with the shots he missed. Say Federer hits
three perfect forehands with the new racket and then puts the same spin
on the ball and watches it sail six feet long. That, Cahill said, would
“be enough to give you a sleepless night.”

added: “The challenge is going to be sticking through those low
moments. When it’s not going right, it’s pretty easy to get a bit
depressed and go back to what you know.”


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